The mission of the Foundation is to promote the study, understanding, and appreciation of Burma, including
its people, society, art, literature, language, religion, and culture.


The Foundation envisions a better understanding of Burma by enacting and encouraging other organizations to do the following: to study Burma; to establish, build, and maintain collections of Burmese art, artifacts, crafts, and other objects; to put on public exhibitions on Burma; to build library holdings and research archives on Burma; to encourage the study of the Burmese language; to foster exchanges of scholars and knowledgeable people; and to seek to promote Burmese studies and culture.


  • Support the timely and accurate distribution of specialized information about Burma.
  • Encourage scholarship about Burma, especially among young professionals and Burmese scholars.
  • Maintain a first-class collection of Burmese art, material culture, literature, and archives.
  • Expand the presence of Burmese Studies within the academy and international organizations.