Julian Wheatley (PhD, University of California–Berkeley), Chair of the Burma Studies Foundation, taught at Cornell University, 1985–86 and 1987–97, and at MIT, 1997–2007; was a visiting Fulbright scholar (Burmese) at ISEAS in Singapore, 1985–86. His recent positions have included: visiting associate professor in Chinese at the NIE, Singapore (2008–09) and visiting associate professor, Hong Kong Institute of Education (Sept.–Dec. 2011). Julian currently resides in New Orleans.

His linguistic interests include: historical and descriptive aspects of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages, particularly Chinese, Burmese, and the Yi languages of Southwest China; second language learning; and translation. Julian's most recent and relevant publications include: “Burmese,” in Bernard Comrie, ed. The World’s Major Languages, (2nd edition, revised, Routledge, 2009); “A Linguistic Sketch of Burmese,” in Graham Thurgood and Randy LaPolla, eds., The Sino-Tibetan Languages (2nd edition, revised, Routledge, 2007). In press: “Delight in language: Burmese patterns of euphony,” in Jeffrey P. Williams, ed. Grammatical Aesthetics in the Mainland Southeast Asia Linguistic Area (Cambridge).

Contact: wei.laoshi@gmail.com